Sign Language Recognizer - A simple deep learning project which uses CNN to recognize digits from hand gestures.
  ML and DL - Implementation of various Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms in Python.
  Would you have survived? - A webapp to predict whether you would have survived on the Titanic Ship. It uses a machine learning model trained on the Kaggle Titanic Dataset, which gained an accuracy of 80%.
  Ecommerce Scrapper - A command line tool to scrape the prices of the desired products from sites such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal and easily compare price.
  Django Blog - Simple Django Blog made while following the Django Girls tutorial. Learnt many things from databases to website hosting and version control.
  OpenCV Snake Game - The new era Snake Game, based on Computer Vision, which is played using a red coloured object and webcam.
  Facebook Birthday Wisher - This project uses Selenium Webdriver and automatically writes a birthday message on your friend's facebook wall who have birthdays on that day.
  Frequency Counter - Displays the top 20 words used in a Wikipedia article for a particular query.
  Flask Chat App - A simple chat app build using Flask and SocketIO. Currently working on deploying to Heroku.
  Tic Tac Toe - Unbetable Tic Tac Toe made using the minimax algorithm.